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Pastor Kevin Badgley

          James 4:7 says, ďSubmit yourselves therefore to God.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.Ē  The Bible declares that the only way you can be victorious over the devil is to submit yourself to God! 

          We canít overcome the devil in any facet except we be born again and covered with the blood of Jesus.  Then we must be indued with the power of the Holy Ghost.  Then we can put the enemy under our feet. 





 (yield to Him and obey Him)


 ďSubmit yourselves therefore to God.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.Ē  James 4:7

            Everybody has trouble with the devil.  We pray, and we ask God to set us free of these things, but the Bible declares that the only way we can be victorious over the devil is to submit ourselves to God!  How do we do that? We have to obey Godís Word!

            It is an act of submission to obey Godís Word.  It is an act of faith to obey God instead of what your own carnal thinking, reasoning, and will wants to do.  If you read Godís Word and obey it in part, youíre not fully submitting to Godís Word.  Therefore, you canít fully resist the devil.

            If you donít submit yourself therefore to God you canít and wonít resist the devil.  See the order in which it comes? 

            This is why people are deceived.  They say, ďWell, Iím weak, but I still love the Lord.Ē  That may be so, but the next time you try to resist the devil, youíre not going to accomplish it!

            Donít shake your fist at God when you start falling or when you get afflicted.  Donít get angry when it seems like you canít win a victory for yourself, a family, a friend, your church, or whatever.

            If you donít submit yourself to God you canít resist the devil, and he doesnít have to flee from you, and he wonít.  It is an act of the mercy of God that He does not allow the enemy to destroy us immediately when we sin.

            Seeing our ignorance, God draws us to Jesus and leads us if we will let Him.  Isaiah 30:21 says, ďAnd thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.Ē  After we are saved He shows us by his Word how to walk, and He gives us the power to walk it.

            You may say, ďI canít.  Iíve tried to serve God, and I canít do it.Ē  Then you need the devil cast out of you!  You need deliverance.  You need that thing out of you so that you can be able to submit yourself to God. 

            Then, when the devil comes back, you can resist him, and he will flee.  He wonít reenter.  These are harsh words, but they are straight.  Read it again in the book of James.

            Do you know why the devil flees from people?  People that have submitted themselves to God have Godís power in them to resist the devil.  We canít overcome the devil in any facet except we are born again and covered with the blood of Jesus.  We must go on and be endued with the power of the Holy Ghost from on high. 

            The power of God resists the enemy.  Then we can put the enemy under our feet.  To say that we are, and to say that we are going to, and to say what the Word does, is nothing more than advertisement.  The devil already knows this information.

            The only one that the devil does flee from is someone who has attained the place in God where he is walking with God hand in hand.

            Amos 3:3 says, ďCan two walk together, except they be agreed?Ē

            That person can resist the devil, and the devil has to flee, because the power of God is there to send him running.  He will flee in terror, but you must be submitted to God. 

            You must obey God in order to have the faith that God gives.  God gives us a measure of faith to begin to believe him, and then He gives us an understanding of his Word as we are able to grasp it.

            Isaiah 28:10 says, ďFor precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:Ē  As we yield to God we can obey Him.

            It doesnít matter how long or how deeply the devil has had you in time past.  You can still resist and overcome him, because you are living by the power and spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

            You are in Jesus, and He is in you.  He will fight your battles for you.  However, if you will not obey God and submit yourself to Him, the devil will eat you up.

            Donít submit to the devil and resist God, as many are doing.  Today, beloved, donít harden your hearts. 

            Submit yourselves to God and His Word, and then you can resist the devil and WIN! 






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These condensed Bible studies have been published to help new Christians in their new walk with the Lord.  Kevin Badgley, the author, is the pastor of Living Hope Fellowship Church.

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